My huø®

  • What does the huø® basic set include?

    The huø® basic set contains the huø® foodsharing module, the huø® grill unit, the huø® fire basket and the huø® brazier. If you want to get more out of your huø®, you can complement the basic set with the huø® ice bucket and matching stools, ordered separately.

  • How do I use my huø®?

    The huø® is very easy to use:

    1. Put three or four firelighters on the cap below the grate.

    2. Put the grate in place and light the firelighters.

    3. Add charcoal or wood to the huø® grill unit.

    4. Open the air vent.

    5. Sit back and relax for half an hour – and then you can start grilling. 

    6. If your huø® starts burning a bit too energetically, just close the air vent again. That way, you’ll get more heat for a longer period. 

    Get more out of your huø®: after your dinner, use your huø® as a fire basket by tossing in some wood. 

    Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your huø®:

    • The brazier will stay warm for some time after use. Leave it 24 hours before covering it with the huø® cover plate.
    • Stay safe – don’t use water to extinguish your huø®. This is because the huø® is designed to live outside and drain water out of its base. You’ll end up with a lot of smoke, and hot water dripping out of the bottom of your huø®.
  • How do I set up my huø® ice bucket?

    You can set up the huø® ice bucket in just two steps:

    1. Remove the grill rack, the fuel grate, and the fire basket.

    2. Now drop the huø® ice bucket in. Simple as that!

    By the way, you can also put the huø® cover plate over your huø® ice bucket, when you want to use the full table surface. 

  • How do I use my huø® as a fire basket?

    It’s very easy to convert your huø® into a fire basket.

    1. Remove the grill rack and suspend the fire basket and fuel grate in the brazier.

    2. Put three or four firelighters on the cap below the grate. Put the grate in place, light the firelighters, and add charcoal or wood.

    3. Settle in for a toasty evening.

    If you want to grill later, that’s no problem at all. Just slip the grill rack back on top and you’re ready to go.

  • How do I adjust my huø® grill rack?

    If the fire gets too hot, that’s easily solved: just use the handle included to raise the huø® rack 6 cm. 

  • My grill rack is not hot enough. What can I do?

    We can understand your impatience, but just sit back and relax: it takes your huø® about 30 minutes to warm up to temperature. While it’s heating, why not enjoy an aperitif?

  • Can I use wood instead of charcoal?

    No problem at all!  You can fuel your huø® grill unit with wood, charcoal or coconut briquettes. However, you should be aware that wood won’t stay at full temperature for as long. If you’re planning an extended evening, it’s best to go for charcoal.

Care and maintenance

  • How do I clean my huø®?

    Your huø® is designed for you to enjoy. That's why, we’ve made it as easy to look after as possible.

    • The stainless steel barbecue rack is easy-clean. Use a stainless-steel brush. 
    • Simply use water and soap to clean the table and base. 
    • You can empty the brazier from underneath when it’s cooled.
  • It’s raining! Should I worry?

    Of course not! Your huø® foodsharing module is built from weather-resistant stainless steel and aluminium. It is ingeniously designed so that rainwater runs off it, and doesn't collect on the wooden top. Even if you were in a hurry and forgot to cover the grill unit, no harm can come to it: stainless steel never rusts. 

    Always empty all remaining charcoal residue and ash from your huø® after use, so it doesn’t get washed out by the rain. However, do wait 24 hours and always check that the ash has completely cooled.

  • Winter is coming: what do I do with my huø®?

    Good news: the huø® is made of high-quality materials so that you can simply keep enjoying it throughout the cold winter months. For example, use the brazier as a fire pit.  

    If you do want to store your huø® foodsharing module, though, that’s not a problem either. It’s easy to take apart.


  • What maintenance does my huø® need?

    To guarantee you can keep enjoying your huø® for years to come, we’ve built it from a combination of hard-wearing black limba, stainless steel and aluminium. Neither stainless steel nor aluminium require any particular maintenance. 

    We recommend you rub linseed oil into the wood twice a year to maintain the stylish appearance of the black limba and keep it from ageing. Rubbing linseed oil into the wood will also help to protect it from stains. We give it an initial treatment before delivery.


Delivery and installation

  • What is the delivery time?

    You’ve ordered a huø® foodsharing module and, of course, you’re keen to start using it as soon as possible. Every huø® is handmade by our craftsmen. In order to guarantee you the quality you deserve, we aim for a delivery time of approximately ten days after receiving payment. However, if you need your huø® more urgently, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

  • What does delivery cost?

    Delivery within Belgium is free. Please get in touch to discuss delivery charges further afield.

  • Do you deliver the huø® outside Belgium?

    Yes! We can deliver your huø® foodsharing furniture to other countries. Get in touch and we’ll look into the options.

  • How is my huø® installed?

    Your huø® foodsharing module is delivered fully assembled to the ground floor – you don’t have to do a thing. 

    If you can’t get the huø® inside in one piece (D 1200 x H 1076), or if you need it on another floor, just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

  • Can I dismantle my huø®?

    Your huø® is delivered fully assembled, but if you need to dismantle it – to get it through a narrow door or into the lift, for example – that’s very easy too.

Warranty and return

  • How long is my huø® guaranteed for?

    Sit back and relax! The statutory two-year warranty applies from the delivery date.

    Damage caused by accidents, negligence or misuse (by the user or third parties) is not covered by the warranty.

  • Can I return my huø®?

    Perhaps you’ve ordered a huø®, but now you're having doubts? You shouldn’t: the huø® is a complete experience, packaged in a unique fusion of high-quality design and authentic craftsmanship. However, if you do change your mind, here are the options. 

    If you buy from the website, the following conditions apply:

    - The purchaser has fourteen calendar days from the day following delivery to notify the vendor that he or she would like to cancel the purchase. 

    - The goods and packaging must be returned in their original, undamaged and unused state to Genico Creative Stairs, Industriestraat 40, 8755 Ruiselede. The purchaser undertakes the cost and risk of the return.

    - Any items can be returned providing they are still in their original, undamaged packaging with all instructions, and the invoice or proof of purchase are included.

    - The company will check the returned goods on receipt and refund the purchaser within ten days, providing the check is satisfactory.

    If you buy from the Genico Creative Stairs showroom, the following conditions apply:

    - If the purchaser cancels the purchase before delivery, compensation may be required. Once delivered, there is no further cooling-off period.

    - Invisible defects must be reported in writing within eight calendar days. If you do not report the defect within this time, you forfeit the right for replacement or repair.


    Read our Terms and Conditions for more information. 


  • Oops – I broke something.

    Your huø® foodsharing module is built from a combination of hard-wearing black limba, stainless steel and aluminium to guarantee you can keep enjoying it for years to come. But accidents can always happen. If you’ve accidentally snapped a table leg, dropped a part, or damaged a component somehow, we’ll be happy to investigate what we can do in the way of replacement parts, or send a technician to take a look.

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