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Your huø® foodsharing module is for times when anything is possible, but nothing is necessary. Our mission is to help you to make the most of every moment, with the people you love. After all, a joy that is shared is a joy multiplied.

To help you create this cosy social setting, we dreamed up the huø® multipurpose module: a unique combination of high-quality materials, authentic Belgian artisanship, and a patented luxury design.

Huø™ foodsharing furniture

Designed to last

Authentic artisanship

Did you know that your huø® foodsharing furniture is a local Belgian product? Every huø® module is handmade with stunning precision in our workshops by our skilled craftsmen. Top quality, every time.
Durable black limba

Durable black limba

The 42 mm black limba gives the table top its elegant appearance. All our black limba is FSC labelled and has been heat-treated to give it durability class 1. The overall result combines stylish design with maximum durability.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

The huø® brazier is made from stainless steel lacquered with fire-resistant black powder coating. You can safely leave your huø® outside without worrying about rust developing on the high-quality stainless steel. 

Protective rubber feet

Protective rubber feet

The table and stools have protective rubber feet to guarantee you peace of mind when using your huø® – never worry again about scratches on your patio.

Rack clearance

Rack clearance

Say goodbye to sad, dried out food on your grill! The increased clearance between the flames and the rack is perfect for grilling your food slowly and trapping the juices.

Regulated air supply

Regulated air supply

You can regulate the air supply to adjust the intensity of the flame, matching the temperature to what you’re cooking. If you want to speed things up a little, you can use the ingenious huø® brazier to adjust the heat so that you can be ready to start grilling in just 30 minutes. There’s no need for a charcoal chimney. 

Lightweight aluminium

Lightweight aluminium

We’ve used lightweight aluminium for the ring beneath the table top and for the table legs, making your huø® a breeze to move, without compromising on quality. A graphite black powder coat gives the 10 mm aluminium a harmonious elegance.

huø® stoelen in Fraké hout

huø® stools

Our huø® stools are the perfect complement to your all in one module: the seat is finished in the same high-quality black limba, with elegant powder-coated metallic legs.

huø® ice bucket made from powder-coated stainless steel

huø® ice bucket

The huø® ice bucket is also made from powder-coated stainless steel, giving it a polished, elegant appearance. 

Something for everyone

Your huø® foodsharing module has it all!

The huø® grill unit

Bring grilling onto a whole new level with your huø®. The increased clearance between the flames and the 6 mm rack makes it perfect for slow grilling, so your food stays moist and tender. Another bonus: the huø® grill is made of stainless steel, so you can safely leave it outside without worrying about rust.

De huø® grill unit

The huø® ice bucket

The huø® is a multipurpose convertible system – additional modules open up new options. For example, during the warm summer months you can simply slip a huø® ice bucket into the brazier to keep your drinks cool.

The huø® ice bucket

The huø® cover plate

Every huø® includes the cover plate as standard. Pop it over the brazier and instantly transform your huø® into a garden table. Ideal if you want to use your huø® as a sociable tapas bar.

The huø® cover plate

The huø® fire basket

You can easily transform your huø® into a fire pit by simply lifting the grill off the centrally installed brazier. Gather round and stay cosy throughout a sociable evening, even as winter draws in.

The huø® fire pit

The huø® stools

No huø® would be complete without seating. Our huø® stools perfectly complement your huø® module: the seat is finished in the same high-quality 42 mm black limba as the foodsharing module, with elegant powder-coated metallic legs. The huø® is designed to seat six people comfortably around the table.

The huø® stools
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    Everything I need!

    What I love about the huø® foodsharing furniture is that you have everything you need in a single unit. If I want to grill with my friends, I just use the huø® grill. When I want to relax over a drink with my wife on a Friday night, we pop in the ice bucket and settle back. Last weekend we even used it as a fire pit: despite the cold weather we were able to stay cosy outside. I wouldn’t want anything else.

    - Tom De Clerck, Brasschaat

huø® is an initiative by genico, an established name for high-quality designs since 1994. The huø® is our new all-in-one system for a unique experience.

Curious? View the huø® foodsharing module in action in our showroom.

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The huø® foodsharing furniture is available for €3,835 (excl. VAT).

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